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Chapter 2: Why Act Now

This chapter consists of three sections which each serve as individual arguments. Feel free to read and download these sections individually by clicking on their introductions below, or click here for the whole chapter as a 941 KB .pdf.

Drivers of Change

Humans love to predict the future. Few succeed. Those who come closest do so by understanding the trends that are driving change. In a meeting of experts convened to create a “Greenprint” to guide the city of ... [read more].

The Business Case for Protecting the Climate

Consumers’ desire for a healthier, more sustainable world has driven even mainstream institutions to make major changes. Perhaps most exciting, the business community is joining the effort to reduce global warming and to implement more sustainable practices. ... [read more].

Risk Mitigation

City governments and communities face multiple risks related to energy production and consumption. Those risks span the spectrum from economic risks, to risks of power supply interruptions, to those risks related to environmental conditions and human health. ... [read more].
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